Longrow 18yr

Longrow 18yr - European Wines and Spirits

Longrow 18 Year Old - Campbeltown

First distilled in 1973. Produced annually since 1990. The malt is dried for up to 48 hours over a peat fire. Double distilled.

Color: Golden hay

Nose: This whisky has an incredibly sweet nose with some savory notes peeking through. Marshmallows in abundance - the vanilla variety, with icing sugar and foam bananas adding to the sweetness. Upon further nosing the fruit makes an appearance, brambles, mandarines and over ripe damson fruits. Some savory notes pushing through such as linseed oil - do we smell cricket bats?

Palate: This dram coats your palate in a waxy fashion with its continuing sweet flavours as described on the nose. But there is also the familiar, well balanced trace of smoke which makes this a brilliantly complex wee dram that will make you feel right at home no mater where you are.

Finish: The creaminess of this whisky means it doesn't go away - you fell the warmth of this Longrow all the way down to your boots, creamy, sweet with a gentle smoke finish.  

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