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Loujan 22yr

Loujan 22yr - European Wines and Spirits

The twenty-two year old Loujan Bas Armagnac, a silver medal winner at the 2004 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, was produced from a blend of approximately 60% Bacco grapes and 40% Ugni Blanc grapes. Produced in the Grand Bas Armagnac, this Armagnac was distilled to a low degree in a traditional alambic armagnacaise, and aged in French oak barrels. The degree of alcohol was reduced naturally to approximately 43% and it is bottled at cask strength with no additives and no dilution.

"Amber color with gold and red tints. The nose is complex. We sense some fruity flavors(prune, quince), and some spices(vanilla, cloves, and honey). The second nose changes a little, due to the air contact. We sense some dry fruit flavors lik almonds and nuts. On the palate, the balance between aromas(licorice and chocolate), tannins(round and fat) and alcohol is perfect. Long, long spicy finish."
Marc Darroze-Francis Darroze Bas Armagnacs

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